8 Tips For Getting Out of a Fitness Rut

It happens to the best of us: stress, a hectic job schedule, or plain old tiredness prevent us from thoroughly engaging in our workout routine. It’s known as a workout rut. It occurs when you cease exercising as frequently or as vigorously as you once did or perhaps quit exercising entirely. You’re less inclined to go back to the gym in practically every manner.

Completing your daily routines can feel like a major chore when you’re caught in a fitness rut. If you used to look forward to your daily sweat session, nothing is more annoying than feeling as if your motivation has suddenly vanished.

Remember, everyone gets into a fitness slump at some point. It’s normal to feel exhausted and worn down. Your body and your mind want to rest, and an activity that was once the highlight of your day may become tedious after a while. With these eight rut-busting methods, you can kick a stale habit to the curb — and get back to doing what you love!

Buddy Up – On days when your schedule is too hectic, or your couch is a little too inviting, a workout buddy can hold you accountable. He may also motivate you to put in more effort or attempt something new. Work out with someone who is somewhat fitter than you for the best outcomes, as it will force you to work harder to keep up. 

Find a New Playlist – The music you listen to when working out, or even just getting ready to work out, has a lot of power. The proper tunes may help you increase your energy efficiency and power through the most challenging parts of your workouts. Listening to music at a set tempo can increase motivation and lessen the amount of effort you feel you’ve put into an exercise, allowing your body and mind to work harder.

Try Cross-training – Changing up your workout routine will keep both your body and mind guessing. If you’re a five-day-a-week runner, try something new like modest weight lifting or yoga to break up the monotony. Each new and unique workout focuses on a different muscle area. This switch-up can help you break through fitness plateaus, avoid injury, and improve your overall fitness.

Sign Up For An Event – Even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete or a very competitive person, signing up for your first event could provide the motivation you need to break out of a training rut. Try a 5K or mud run or any other rewarding, exciting, and challenging event tailored to your fitness level. You’ll overcome mental difficulties in addition to physical ambitions.

Try a New Routine – If you’ve taken some time off but are still having trouble breaking out of your fitness rut, it might be time to upend your routine. Your body and mind may be exhausted with the same type of activity and require a change of pace. Try something different, even if it’s only once a week. Trying a new exercise may be enough to keep your mind and body fresh. This new sport will offer your muscles a rest from their regular workouts, strengthen various muscles, and give you a fresh outlook on fitness.

Track Your Activity – While focusing just on the number on the scale can lead to disappointment and frustration, keeping track of your physical activity and progress can help you identify clever tweaks to boost your results. Get a fresh notepad and start a fitness journal. There are also a number of free and commercial web tools that can assist with tracking.

Enlist a Trainer – Even if you consider yourself an experienced exerciser, a personal trainer might be able to help your breakthrough barriers to exercise. They can help you determine personal goals and even take your workout to the next level. Many gyms or trainers give all members a free session and may provide discounts if you’ve been a member for a long, so ask about any special deals. Just be clear with the trainer about what you want to get out of the session(s) to get the most out of your money.

Set Prizes for Goals – When you reach a goal, rewarding yourself (in a healthy way) is a terrific approach to avoid a fitness rut. Spending money on those great new lifting gloves or training leggings you’ve been eyeing is one way to do so. Having a physical ‘reward’ for achieving goals is frequently enough to persuade people to resume exercising.

We hope these tips will help you get out of your fitness rut and back into a healthy routine! If you have any questions feel free to reach out, and one of our experienced coaches will be happy to offer assistance! As always, Buzzfit provides the best monthly price in QC for those looking to join a gym! Sign up on our website and get started on your health journey today!