Tread and shred

Running has always been one of the best forms of exercise but it’s so darn boring. In this class our coaches will monitor and motivate you through a series of jogging, sprints and uphill hikes. With our state of the art heart rate monitoring system our coaches will make sure you get the most out of this workout. We will keep you in the zone.


ABS abs and more abs it all begins with the core. This class focus on that midsection working through a series of strength and stretching exercises. Great class for all levels of fitness.

Body sculpt

Great strength building class that focuses on your buns and thighs while flattening your belly. Great class for all levels fitness and a wonderful complete body workout. Our coaches will be there to push to that next level and with our state of the art monitoring system you be receiving a full report on your results by email soon after finishing the class. Great way to follow your progress as build towards your fitness goals.


Better strap on those boots for this serious heart rate pounding calorie burning workout that’s designed to push you to your max. Using our state of the art heart rate monitoring system our coaches can guide you through your workout and maintain your heart rate for optimal calorie and fat burning. Warning they’ll be watching you, there’s no hiding.

Corefit Classes


You want that six pack? Well we will give you an eight pack! Abs abs and more abs. 30 mins of fun!

Boot camp

Better strap on those boots cause Bootcamp class is intense on strength and cardio for the entire body.

Belly,Butt and thighs

This 30 min class focuses on sculpting the lower half of the body through a series of strengthening, stretching and cardio.


Just like the title says it’s high tempo cardio and strength training. A step up from our bootcamp class.

Tread n shred

A 30 min class where our trainer guides you through a series interval training using the treadmill. You’ll be running, walking and hiking up hill in this challenging cardio class.

Golden fit

30 min seniors flexibility, balance and strength class.


If you thought our bootcamp was tough this one is true to its name. We cranked it up to get that cardio going along with some wonderful strength and agility work. Quick feet explosiveness and endurance. Our trainers will push you to a whole new level in this class. Using our state of the art heart rate monitoring system our coaches can push each individual to their own limits. A full report of how much butt you kicked will be emailed to you once the class is over.