Front Desk Receptionist

Operations management: Ensure compliance with and application of applicable standards and laws.


  • Inventory, supply and marketing management
  • Ensure loss prevention
  • Welcome customers and provide first class service
  • Answer member questions (in person or by phone)

Buzzfit Fitness Centers were the industry pioneers in being the first to offer a superior quality fitness experience at a lower cost here in Quebec. Buzzfit is proudly a Quebec company, and we have changed the rules, to change lives! Working at BUZZFIT is to proudly participate in our mission to make a POSITIVE impact in our community by making fitness as affordable and accessible as possible. We aim to create an environment WITHOUT PRESSURE and ENERGY where everyone feels welcome and RESPECTED. We believe that training in a MODERN FACILITY with some of the best equipment on the market is not a privilege, IT’S YOUR RIGHT! BUZZFIT are the friendliest fitness centers in Quebec! BUZZFIT employees honor our values with a friendly welcome, offering a large, well-equipped gym with a surplus of equipment. A spotlessly clean and energetic environment, where everyone is welcome. By working at BUZZFIT, employees have the chance to work in a FUN environment, oriented towards the values of education, mutual aid, respect, fun and CHANGING THE RULES!! And CHANGING LIVES!!


– PROFESSIONAL, FUN, ENERGIC, COLLABORATIVE work environment, which will allow you to easily combine personal life, work, studies and active lifestyle.

-The employee will obtain a subscription including the following benefits: Access to all BUZZFIT gyms in Quebec. * Unlimited access to: hydromassage beds, massage chairs, tanning booths (18 years old and over), red light therapy cabins (18 years old and over), and the Sauna, 24/7 A t-shirt to proudly show that you are part of the best team in Quebec!!

The Customer Service Associate is a very friendly and courteous person who consistently provides top notch service and fosters positive customer satisfaction and loyalty while promoting the mission, vision, and values of Buzzfit. The front desk associate must be adept at balancing several tasks with friendly and courteous demeanor.

-We are looking for individuals who will create an overall positive experience for all club members, potential members, and guests.

The essential tasks include but are not limited to:

Operations management: Ensure compliance and application of applicable standards and laws.

-Inventory, supply, and marketing management

-Ensure loss prevention

Customer service:

-Greet customers and offer first-class service

-Answer phone calls

-Answer members’ questions (in person or by phone)

-Perform member registrations and inform members of the various available subscriptions

-Carry out visits to new members

-Receive and process customer complaints -Ensure the cleanliness and upkeep of the premises, carry out cleaning checks throughout the facility (bathrooms / changing rooms) / BUZZ card area / Gym etc.