Solo Workouts vs Group Workouts

That feeling you get when you join fitness class and meet a group of strangers while you’re wearing your workout clothes is peculiar. It’s different. It’s vulnerable. There’s a tinge of nostalgia for high school gym classes. Except for this time, everyone wants to be there. In this article, we’re going to be discussing Solo Workouts and Group Workouts and how each offers unique benefits! 

Solo workouts are a great way to add fitness into your routine on a completely flexible level. You can do a solo workout anytime you want. Especially if you’re a member of a gym that is open 24/7! What’s more, with a solo workout, you’re taking care of your fitness privately. It’s nobody’s business of yours. But of course, with that notion, comes the question of discipline. 

Self-discipline isn’t negative. It’s positive. But we are conditioned to have a negative reaction to the word discipline from an early age. The first synonym for discipline that comes to mind to most people is punishment.  This is false. Discipline is really just the skill of sticking to a plan or a schedule or a routine. Just as it takes discipline to brush your teeth every morning or shower every day, it takes discipline to follow through with fitness routines, especially if you’re into working out solo. 

Solo workouts at home are the least intimidating way to begin adding fitness to your life. There’s no worry about what people think or say. No matter how unfit you may feel, during a solo workout, there is just you, your body and the physical activity you’re committing to.

Working out alone is a great way to take charge of your workout style. Want to go hard today? Go hard. Want to take it easy? Go ahead. There’s no one dictating what your rhythm or effort needs to be. It’s also a great way to develop confidence and independence. But the catch is to do it! 

The one main detriment to solo workouts is that there is zero accountability if you don’t provide it for yourself. With going to group classes or taking part in group workouts, there’s an air of accountability to show up. This is just one of the benefits of group workouts. Accountability.

We are social creatures and this doesn’t end when it comes to fitness. Gym buddies, yoga partners, running mates – there’s a bunch of nicknames for working out with a partner. Understandably for some, those who enjoy being alone more than with others may never feel the void of social interaction that goes along with a solo workout. But for those of us who do enjoy being social, group workouts are where it’s at! 

As mentioned before, working out in a group may trigger some teenage emotional nostalgia from the high school gym. But once you realize that everyone who is there wants to be there, cares about their fitness and is ready to give it their all, those feelings pass fast! They can be channelled into excitement and eagerness very quickly!

Group workouts are also just plain fun. You’re 100% going to laugh more. And there’s also this great solidarity between the people taking the course because misery does in fact love company. It’s okay to grunt, everyone else wants to! 

Another bonus about group workouts is that there is a given structure. You don’t need to prep or worry about finding exercises to build your own routine. There’s always a warm-up, a balanced workout and a cool-down. This takes a lot of time off your hands! There’s no need for research.

Safety is another perk! Group workouts are safer. You have an educated professional ensuring you follow the proper form. This keeps people safe and free from injury. Sure, some fitness instructors might be a little more intense than others, but at the end of the day, they’re all there for the same thing. To help you get into the best shape of your life!

So what’s the verdict? Is it better to join in on group workouts or commit to solo workouts? To be honest, there really isn’t a verdict. It depends on you. The best way to achieve success in fitness is to follow what interests you most. Looking to make some friends and get fit at the same time? Group workouts. Looking to work on yourself with no distractions? Solo workouts.

Though the situation varies for everyone, trying out both is a definite win. Who knows? You may discover that you’re more independent than you thought you were during a solo workout! Or you may even discover a new passion in fitness by trying one of the many different group workout classes available!

Either way, if you’re looking to get fit, BuzzFit is here to help! All of our members get unlimited access to our group classes (schedules vary by location)! Interested in trying out BuzzFit for free? Visit our website and sign up for a free trial! As always, if you have any questions, don’t be shy to reach out!