The Worst Fitness Trends of 2022

Fitness is a worthy goal. Good health, a positive mindset, healthy eating, and physical activity are all desirable things that we can gain from adopting some sort of fitness regime into our lives. However, entering the world of fitness in 2022 can come with some dubious trends and false information. From fad diets to body shaming to ineffective workout routines, there are plenty of fitness trends floating around in the cloud and the broken telephone of gyms that everyone should avoid. We’d like to help you stay in the wholesome fitness lane rather than the strange and sometimes detrimental “trendy” fitness lane by highlighting some of the worst fitness trends making the rounds this year.


One fitness trend that is sure to wreak havoc on your muscle function and could lead to some serious injuries is the idea that you have to continually push yourself to your maximum range of motion. Yes, mobility exercises are great. No, you should not be exercising at your maximum range of motion and pushing your flexibility past your body’s boundaries.

In truth, understanding how to control one’s movement through a natural range of motion is your best option for improving mobility and stability.

Usually, 90-degree joint angles are the best postures for enhancing muscle function and joint health and for increasing strength and hypertrophy. When we practice beyond those ideal limits, we begin to experience problems that genuinely endanger our flexibility and mobility.

A mix of full and partial range of motion exercises is generally the best way to go.


Social media can be a great learning tool that exposes us to genuinely helpful fitness tips. However, it can also be home to some not-so-genuine fitness fads and create a breeding ground for comparisons and unhealthy body image.

People rush to the gym at the beginning of every year in an effort to lose weight quickly, and in their quest, they resort to social media. They go to find out how the wealthy, famous, and conventionally attractive people on the internet maintain their figures. However, fitness is different for everyone, and what works for someone you come across on social media may not work for you.

It’s also possible to come across videos from people who may have the right intentions but not the knowledge they need to be giving fitness advice.

The bottom line is that fitness is a journey. Losing fat, gaining muscle, and increasing stamina takes time and dedication. We’re not saying don’t turn to social media for inspiration, but be sure to include some trial and error and research from other avenues into your routine.


HIIT training involves intervals of short, intense, high-intensity cardio and strength training followed by short periods of rest. Although it has been around for a while, it’s undoubtedly increased in trendiness in the last year as people return to their busy schedules and are looking for faster ways to get their exercise in.

Studies suggest that HIIT workouts can burn more calories in less time than other types of workouts, but it’s also important to exercise caution when doing HIIT workouts as too much HIIT (like anything) can have negative effects on your body.

Engaging in too much HIIT training can spike your cortisol levels, decrease glycogen stores, affect your sleep patterns, disrupt your metabolism, put strain on your joints, and may even result in burnout and a loss of interest in exercising.


It’s become a trend to think that by combining several separate moves into one or adding unnecessary bands or chains, any exercise will become harder and, therefore, more effective.

What actually happens is that a simple but effective workout becomes overly complicated, and your focus goes from working a muscle to figuring out how to complete said exercise. Simple exercises and targeted movements have been around and in use for as long as exercise has because they work.

Intricate motions are fantastic for gaining Instagram followers, but they don’t do anything to challenge and strengthen your muscles. Simple doesn’t mean ineffective, so don’t succumb to the pressure of looking like you’re doing a lot. Just focus on yourself and your workout.

Trends aren’t all bad, but they should be taken with a grain of salt and some research of your own before being adopted as truth. We hope these four questionable fitness trends make their leave in 2022, and everyone puts their focus on listening to their bodies and exercising according to tried and tested knowledge, as well as their own personal goals, rather than whatever trend is making the rounds this week.

If you’re unsure of where to start, consider a personal trainer or attend some fitness classes (such as the ones we offer at all of our Buzzfit locations) until you feel sure enough to exercise by yourself. There’s no shame in needing some guidance; at the end of the day, it’s best to do what works for you.