What is the Best Music to Exercise to?

Music is a great way to get into the zone and stay there. But it’s not just about the beat or even the lyrics: it’s about how you feel when you hear it.

When you’re working out, you want music that inspires you to push yourself harder and go farther. You want music that gets your heart pumping and makes your body move with confidence and precision.

So what kinds of songs make for good workout music? We’ll dive into that here!

Choosing the Right Tempo

When you’re working out, you want to find the right tempo for your routine.

That’s because the music you listen to can affect how fast and how frequently you move. You might be familiar with how tempo affects your mood: slow music makes us feel relaxed, while fast beats get blood pumping. But did you know that tempo also affects our movements?

If you’re doing a slow weightlifting session, try listening to heavy metal or rap—both genres have a slower tempo than pop or dance music, so they’ll match the pace of your movements. If you’re doing cardio and need to go fast, try listening to electronic dance music (EDM) or punk—these genres are faster than most others and will help keep your feet moving!

Does the Genre of Music Impact Athletic Ability?

The best music to exercise to is whatever you like.

That’s right! There’s no need to listen to something you don’t enjoy—and there’s no need to listen to something that doesn’t match the genre of your workout. It doesn’t matter if you’re running, lifting weights, or going for a hike; as long as you have your headphones on and are listening to music, you’ll benefit from the effects of music on athletic performance.

Music has been shown to improve both endurance and speed during workouts in all genres, so feel free to choose whatever style of music gets you pumped up and ready for action!

Some of Our Favourite Songs to Workout To

Everyone likes something different, so if none of these are your jam, that’s totally okay. It’s important to listen to what you like, but if you’re looking for something new to get you pumped for your next workout, feel free to try any of these out!

Deadringer – Knocked Loose

This metalcore classic is heavy, upbeat, and most importantly, has a steady tempo. Since there aren’t any time signature changes, this is a great song to lift weights OR run to! You can time your sets and rests with the breakdowns really well, and it’s such an energetic song that it’s hard to not move to it.

Thumbsucker – Pig Destroyer

If you like heavy music, this is the workout track for you. The whole album is actually a fantastic complement to all cardio, and when you’re lifting, it makes you feel invincible. It has a consistent beat and some really great drumming, so it’s easy to stay on your feet!

Time For Livin’ – The Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys are an absolute must in any workout playlist, and this song is fun, danceable, and upbeat. It’s the perfect addition to any exercise routine!

Marvin’s Room – Drake

Although this may not be the most upbeat workout jam, it’s guaranteed to make you remember your ex (which might be a better motivator than pre-workout).

White Noise – Disclosure

This house tune is a great dance track, and naturally, that means it’s a great workout tune as well!

Hey Ya! – Outkast

This song is a classic that needs no introduction. If it’s not on your workout playlist already, what are you even doing?

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