Low cost great value

Our AMAZING pricing makes it possible for anyone with a pair of running shoes to get fit. We provide you with the highest quality fitness center for the lowest possible price.

Friendly Atmosphere

You deserve to work out in a pressure free environment. At Buzzfit we make it our mission to have a positive impact in our community by making physical fitness affordable accessible and fun.

Free Group Fitness classes

We also want to help motivate you with free Corefit classes with our trainers. These classes are designed to challenge, motivate and most of all keep fitness fun and interesting. The group classes take place in our unique Corefit Zone sections. Head’s up ! your on TV. Live display live data. See how your performing, track your results with our new HRM system.

Tons of equipment

We are fully equipped with an abundance of strength machines, starting from your calves, quads all the way up to your gluts. Our cardio needs no reservation and no time limit, all you need is a pair of headset to enjoy some TV or your own music.

Super clean

Our friendly staff prides themselves in ensuring that our fully equipped Locke rooms, showers and training floor are always kept tidy and clean. You see something! please let us know (:

24/7 = 365

No interruptions no excuses our doors are always open. At Buzzfit we commit on staying open always. To you whether it be Christmas morning or Valentine’s afternoon someone will be happy to greet you in. No time ! is no longer an excuse.