Why Buzzfit

Our mission is to have a positive impact in our communities by making physical fitness affordable, accessible, AND FUN!

For First-Timers

Welcome to your Fitness Playground.

Starting – or restarting! – a new fitness journey can be intimidating, and tough to keep up.

That’s why we’re here. At Buzzfit, we take the time to learn about your fitness goals and understand your hesitations. So you’ll feel welcome, motivated, and never judged.

Our staff is there to help, NOT to turn a profit — they’re attentive and always available to guide you through your fitness journey and offer good, practical advice.

With 24/7 Hours and no time limits on cardio equipment, we provide an open environment where you can care for your body, mind, and spirit. Leave your worries behind and join a friendly, supportive fitness community.

Whether it’s your first time, or (feels like) your fiftieth, get ready to have fun building a healthier you! 

For Socializers

Welcome to your Fitness Playground. 

At Buzzfit, we get that going to the gym isn’t just about working out — it’s also about connecting with others, making new friends, and enjoying a fun social experience.

That’s why we’re the perfect fit for you. From Free Membership Trials and 24/7 Opening Hours to friendly and available staff — we work hard to create an environment where you can feel right at home.

Our team is there not only to help get you to your fitness goals and keep you there, but also to foster a vibrant social atmosphere. Join an inclusive fitness community where you can sweat, laugh, and build meaningful connections.

For Fitness Nuts

Welcome to your Fitness Playground.

At Buzzfit, we appreciate that your primary focus while at the gym is to work out, according to your objectives and your routine. Plus, if you’re a bit like us, you could probably do without all the extra attitude.

That’s why we’re the perfect fit for you. All our gyms offer you access to top-notch equipment, 24/7. Our team members are not salespeople, they have a single  focus – to help you achieve your goals – and they go the extra mile to create a vibrant and inclusive social atmosphere that suits your style.

Join a friendly fitness community where you can push yourself exactly as far and as fast as you want, in the company of like-minded individuals – without ever feeling rushed or judged.

Get Fit, Without Going Broke

With our amazing pricing, just about anyone with a pair of running shoes can come and enjoy getting fit, having fun, or working out. Buzzfit gives you the very highest quality fitness facilities at the lowest possible price.

No Pressure, No Attitude

You deserve to work out in a judgement-free environment. At Buzzfit, we make it our mission to have a positive impact in our community by making physical fitness affordable, accessible and fun.

Tons of Equipment, Loads of Fit

We are fully equipped with an abundance of strength machines to give you a great workout from your calves to your shoulders! Our extensive cardio section is always at your disposal with no reservations or time limits. Plug in your headsets and enjoy our wide range of TV channels.

Good, Clean Healthy Fun

Our friendly staff prides themselves on ensuring that our fully equipped locker rooms, showers, and gym floor are always kept tidy and sparkly clean. We missed a spot? Please, let us know!

Feel Your Best, 24/7=365

No downtime, no disappointment! Our doors are always open, even on holidays. At Buzzfit, we’re ready and waiting to greet you every day of the year – Christmas, Valentine’s, your birthday… You’re always welcome – meaning, “no time” is no longer an excuse!