Workouts for multi sports lovers

Living in Quebec, it can be difficult to commit to one extracurricular sporting activity. The weather is constantly changing, and for half the year summer sports aren’t even remotely possible, and for the other half, snow sports become a distant memory. Even though we tend to do these sports recreationally, the climate obstructs our ability to reach our potential in whatever sport you’re passionate about. This is why it isn’t uncommon for active people to practice multiple sports.

If you’ve got a love for keeping fit and having fun through team sports, then you must stay on top of your physical fitness! We’re talking about making sure you stay powerful, limber, and unphased by the physical demand of a sports game. Here are some tips to improve and maintain your athleticism!

Whether you’re playing basketball, hockey, football or even soccer – you’re going to need to be able to run around. How do we keep our endurance at peak performance? Cardio! There’s nothing like popping in your airpods and bumping some tunes while getting that blood flowing. Having access to treadmills, elliptical machines, stairmills, rowing machines, and even exercise bikes are key in keeping up your cardio! Aim to get 30 minutes of cardio a day for 5 days a week for optimal performance!

Many sports require us to be able to go from 0-100 real fast! As soon as you get the ball, you gotta go! Training yourself to be able to explode with energy is fundamental to becoming an all-around great sportsperson. Incorporating medicine balls and jumping into your routine is a great way to develop your explosive skills. Try things like box jumps, broad jumps, and vertical jumps! If you want to use a medicine ball, try doing a medicine ball squat, dribble and toss. Pro tip: start with a lower weight than you think you need. These bad boys can be exhausting!

Although it’s really important to train your movements, it can be super easy to let building your musculature fall by the wayside! Don’t forget about working out your upper back and neck. This should be done a few times a week. Shoulder injuries are a real concern in sports like hockey and football, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable to these dangers isn’t worth it. Try workouts like a wide bent-over row, reverse flies, and wide leg close-grip chin-ups!

Speaking of injuries, it should be noted that groin injuries are very common in sports like soccer and hockey. We’re not only vulnerable there, but it’s a spot on our bodies that we don’t frequently pay attention to during our workout routines. In order to prevent injuries, you must pay attention to your hip flexors and adductors. The stronger these become, the less likely you’ll run into issues. Some awesome exercises for this include side leg raises, wide leg squats, and a little yoga move known as the “pigeon pose.”

Being sure on your own two feet is a sporting must. Balance is everything. How do we train our balance? We strengthen our legs. Leg workouts are important to add into your routine. Try things like split squats, and other single-leg exercises. You don’t need to use big weights, but you will see a big difference over time!

Training your speed is also a great way to improve your overall sports performance! Fun speed improving exercises like wall drills, ½ kneel two-cone drills, and staggered stance cable push-pulls are some of the workouts you can add to your routine if you’re looking to go faster!

As you improve your athleticism, hopefully the level of fun you have increases with it! When you put it all together, be sure to pace yourself. Warm-ups and stretching are highly recommended for multi-sports athletes (professional or not), and never lift more than your limit!

We hope this blog helped you on your journey to becoming a better sports person and athlete! If you have any questions feel free to reach out! It’s also worth mentioning that all of these exercises are not only possible, but encouraged at any of our BuzzFit locations. If you’re interested in a free tryout follow the link below to register!